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rigamarole, rigmarole - a long and complex and baffling treatment; "all of that academic rigmarole was a waste of your time"

pterygoid process possibly of the two processes in the sphenoid bone, descending through the details of junction of the great wings and the body on the bone, and every consisting of the lateral along with a medial plate.

relatives p's the psychosocial, physiological, and spiritual functions and interactions inside the relatives unit; nursing diagnoses include things like dysfunctional family members processes: alcoholism and interrupted loved ones processes.

within the process of in the midst of, in the midst of, in the midst of They are really while in the process of drawing up a peace strategy.

1 : dealt with or made by a Distinctive process particularly when involving synthesis or synthetic modification

styloid process a lengthy, pointed projection, especially a protracted backbone projecting downward within the inferior surface from the temporal bone.

tail - the posterior Element of the body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and lengthening over and above the trunk or key Element of indian visa the body

performing, efficiency, Procedure - process or method of performing or working; "the strength of its engine decides its operation"; "the airplane's operation in significant winds"; "they compared the cooking effectiveness of each oven"; "the jet's functionality conformed to high criteria"

pseudopod, pseudopodium - non permanent outgrowth utilized by some microorganisms as an organ of feeding or locomotion

An upward projection with the maxilla that articulates While using the frontal bone; sorts part of the orbit and nasal fossa.

process - a writ issued by authority of law; usually compels the defendant's attendance in a civil accommodate; failure to look ends in a default judgment in opposition to the defendant

5. dentistry a series of functions that convert a wax pattern, for instance that of a denture base, right into a good denture base of One more product.

1. The process within the proximal conclusion of your ulna that forms the anterior part of the semilunar notch.

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